Specialists in Statistical Credit Model Validation and Bank Economic Capital  

  • Statistical sophistication in quantifying risk coupled with a common sense, business-focused approach to helping clients validate their risk models and allocate Basel-based economic capital 
  • Financial modeling and actuarial services to customers ranging from large banks to financial start-ups
  • Experience with a broad range of credit products including Structured Leases for aircraft and railcars, Securitized Private Student Loans, Sub-prime and "Payday" Loans
  • Hands-on knowledge of business intelligence and data modeling tools including SAS, JMP, and Enterprise Miner as well as sophisticated machine learning and ensemble techniques (e.g., Random Forests)

Business History
Founder, Kirk Monteverde, has worked with a variety of clients large and small, including Bank of America®, JPMorgan Chase®, Discover® , United Guaranty® and dozens of privately-funded financial institutions and insurance companies. QuantifyRisk.com, founded in 2005, operated under the name of Student Loan Risk Advisors until 2012 reflecting the vertical market focus of the firm for its first 7 years.